Peppermint Green Tea

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Peppermint Green Tea

Our Peppermint Green Tea is a hand-blended with Sencha green tea and the delightful freshness of Organic Peppermint. This tea is light, refreshing and a perfect finish to a meal. Peppermint is believed to settle the stomach and Sencha is high in antioxidants, making this tea refreshing and great for health.

Ingredients: Japanese Organic Sencha Green Tea, Organic Peppermint
Temp: 70 - 80 Degrees Celsius     
Steep: 2 - 3 minutes for a single infusion.

For multiple infusions, steep for 30 seconds then remove the leaves from the water, allow them to rest out of water, when you are ready re-infuse for up to 3 infusions and enjoy continuing flavour. Use your tea leaves within 24 hours.

Quantity per cup
One heaped teaspoon. Refill up to two times.
Serve without milk. Add lemon or lime for a twist and sweeten with honey or sugar if you need to.



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