Organic White Peony Tea

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Organic White Peony Tea

White Peony is a delightful velvety smooth light and floral fragrant tea.

Originally enjoyed exclusively by the Imperial court in China this special White Tea was used for many tea ceremonies and special occasions.

This tea well complements your meditation time or a special time where you can sit and relax.

White Peony Tea can be made a number of ways, for a sweet light infusion try only infusing for 40 seconds to 2 minutes, for a different flavour you can infuse for much longer.

To make White Peony Tea, the buds are picked when young and still closed along with the top two leaves of the Camellia Sinensis. Then they are withered and dried to prevent the oxidation of the tea leaves. Creating this beautiful natural tea for you to enjoy.

Minimal processing gives this white tea delightful flavour and floral hints that touch on light apricot creating a sweet natural tea.

Ingredients: China Organic White Peony tea - Camellia Sinensis.
Temp: 70 - 80 Degrees Celsius     

Steep: 30-60 seconds for multiple infusions or 2 - 3 minutes for 2 to 3 infusions.

Quantity per cup
3 grams per cup. Refill multiple times.
Perfect as it is!


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