Blue Mountains Tea Co.

Welcome to Blue Mountains Tea!

Our Tea business is for tea lovers who crave natural healthy organic flavours and qualities in their traditional and blended tea and tisanes.

At Blue Mountains Tea Company our teas are hand crafted and blended by Certified Tea Master Melinda Jones.

We are currently re-developing our range of organic and Australian grown black teas, green teas, white teas, chai and chocolate chai's, and herbal tisanes.

All of which aim to evoke vibrant aromas and true robust flavours. 

Important Tea Info for 2020!

If you wish to order on-line please use the menu’s and enjoy your journey!
At this time we are re-building our business after an extremely tough year personally. Due to this we are only stocking a limited range of teas. Once the New Year Hits in 2020 we will be increasing this range. So keep checking in for updates and launches of new teas in 2020!